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Hi there!
Welcome to our home page.
  Feel like exploring? If you click on the various places on the map below, you can learn more about Mallowbrook Hollow and what goes on in this enchanted land.
The 1st story
in the Mallowbrook Hollow series
is out
Read the Reviews Here
      It's so richly told that it's so real.
      It's so magical and detailed.

      My oldest daughter has been out in the garden in wellies, dressed as a fairy and scattered her dewbie drops on their fairy garden!
    3. I have just finished the book and really enjoyed it!
    4. OMG it's BRILLIANT!
      I just wanted to keep reading. 
    5.  The caterfiddles have to be my  favourite! 
    6. Dewbies - the next best thing since the Tooth-Fairy!
Fun Stuff
The first dawn of spring signals the first morning dew…making the dewbies very busy! Keep yourself busy with our facts and activity sheet. 
Head over to our fun stuff page  now!
Don't forget to check out the artwork in our Mallowbrook Gallery...and submit your very own drawings to elliot@mallowbrookhollow.com
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Check out our fun stuff page
for so much more.....
       The Mallowbrook Gallery
       Things to do
Find out what the
residents of Mallowbrook are
getting up to.
The residents of Mallowbrook Hollow are all tucked away in their tiny homes at this time of the year, so there isn't much to 'sneaky-peak'. So, instead, we have asked our creator W. V. J Elliott a few questions about her life as an author.
So....take a sneaky-peak into the magical world of W. V. J Elliott here.
Hi there!

Well, autumn is finally here and Mallowbrook Hollow is very busy.  The fairy folk are gathering seeds, nuts and berries, to store away for the winter months and they are weather proofing their tiny homes, to keep them all warm and snug until the springtime.

In the meantime WVJ Elliott is currently preparing
her 2nd book in the Mallowbrook Hollow series for publishing.

We simply cant wait for you to read all about our next adventure.
 Elliot  x