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Let me guide you as we enter this land of mystery and wonder together.
Meet Elliot’s family and friends, the dewbies, mingle with the other fairy folk who call Mallowbrook their home and learn how Elliot’s adventure into the Weeping Woods introduced her to the evil neenarks, and how a special celebration of this brave little dewbie began.

The 1st story
in the Mallowbrook Hollow series

  1. I have just finished the book and really enjoyed it! When I was little I would have definitely been looking for all of the characters at the bottom of my garden...I'm only sad that I don't have a garden to go and look for them in!
    Hazel, Milton Keynes
  2. OMG it's BRILLIANT! I just wanted to keep reading.  The next books need to be longer!  I loved it and certainly kids will love it too.  Well done :)     
    Dawn, Northampton
  3. The Catterfiddles have to be my favourite!  Wishing I had these stories when I was growing up.  Amazing!  I need the next one! 
       Cassandra, Milton Keynes
  4.  I really, really loved Ellimas, well done! Can't wait for the next one. #Team Caterfiddle 
         Lauren, Milton Keynes
Book 2 due for release
Summer 2016
Book 2
coming soon