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Book Reviews

      Ellimas, I have read it! I love the fact that all this has come from Wendy's imagination – it's so richly told that it's so real.
      It's so magical and detailed that I instinctively wanted more colour and more imagery throughout, but actually having finished it 
      I'm now wondering if that wasn't deliberate on Wendy's behalf to enable readers to conjure their own images in their head.
      I loved also that you don't find out the meaning of Ellimas until right at the end. And perfect timing for Christmas.
      Gig, Northamptonshire
      I read Ellimas with my Ma. What I like about this book is that there is lots of imaginative stuff. I love the Dragonflies! I love Elliot too because she is brave and a bit of a tomboy like me. There is one bit i didn't like - when the bad Neenark got sent away forever. Maybe Elliot could teach him to be good so he can be free? I can't wait for the next book!
      Isabella, aged 8, Wales
      What a delightful book, Wendy! It really was a joy to read alongside my daughter and reminded me of the books of my own childhood. We need more tales that nurture an appreciation of nature and spark the imagination of little ones. I too can't wait for the next book!
      Alice, aged 40, Wales
    4. Update...I have been reading the book to my oldest and it's the first chapter book she has actually sat and listened to! So very well done; my husband loves reading it to the girls and is very impressed!
      Debbie, Cambridge
    5. My oldest daughter has been out in the garden in wellies, dressed as a fairy and scattered her dewbie drops on our fairy garden!
      Both girls have been outside since to double check the dewbies have been!
      Debbie, Cambridge
    6. The Caterfiddles have to be my favourite!  Wishing I had these stories when I was growing up.  Amazing!  I need the next one! 
      Cassandra, Milton Keynes
    7. OMG it's BRILLIANT! I just wanted to keep reading.  The next books need to be longer!  I loved it and certainly kids will love it too.  Well done :)     
      Dawn, Northampton
    8. I have just finished the book and really enjoyed it! When I was little I would have definitely been looking for all of the characters at the bottom of my garden...I'm only sad that I don't have a garden to go and look for them in!
      Hazel, Milton Keynes
    9.  I really, really loved Ellimas, well done! Can't wait for the next one. #Team Caterfiddle 
      Lauren, Milton Keynes
Finally I understand why my garden is filled with glistening dewdrops each morning; it’s a lot more magical than I would have ever imagined and we have the ingenious mind of children’s author W. V. J Elliott to thank for that.
Ellimas is the first in the series of magical tales from Mallowbrook Hollow; an enchanted land of fairies, pixies, elves and other magical creatures. But don’t mistake this for just another children’s book about fairies and sparkle - It’s an inspired and creative story, filled with delightful morality and beautiful colour and imagination.
We follow the adventure of Elliot, a young dewbie (dewbies are fairy-like creatures who sprinkle fresh dewdrops on our gardens each morning) and all the other fairy-folk living in the magical world of Mallowbrook Hollow. But the cosy and comfortable land of Mallowbrook Hollow takes a quick turn as we are introduced to the naughty neenarks, who were banished to the deepest and darkest corner of the Weeping Woods.
This beautifully illustrated book is full of twists and turns with heart-warming moments that truly tug at the heartstrings; all of which are crucial in explaining how the celebration of Ellimas came about. And the end of the tale leaves us with a few unanswered questions...building up the excitement for the next book in the series.
I cannot recommend this book enough for both children and adults. This enchanting land, which Elliott has created is relatable to all children and I predict the dewbies will be the next best thing since the tooth fairy.
Lucy Robinson, Derbyshire