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Mad About Mallowbrook
Captivating tales of fairy folk and friendship, appealing to children aged 4-94.....
Mallowbrook Hollow is home to a new type of fairy folk who have not been heard of before and who are waiting to introduce themselves and say hello!
The enchanted Hollow will be opened up piece by piece throughout the series. Readers will be intrigued to learn and find out more about this magical land, what the fairy folk get up to, the adventures they have and to meet the fairy folk who call Mallowbrook their home.
Everyone will be inspired to open up their imaginations and create a world of make-believe at the bottom of their very own garden, as well as being intrigued to learn more about nature. You will soon be looking for dewdrops each morning, dragonflies dancing and evidence of fairy celebrations that have taken place the night before.
The stories embrace a love of nature: From friendly dragonflies and illuminous glowworms to juicy berries and bright yellow buttercups. Children will be encouraged to look closer at the land around them, watch out for wildlife visitors and appreciate nature in all of its forms. 
The celebration of the seasons plays a key part to the stories. Everyone is encouraged to think about what they enjoy most about each one.
Recognising the importance of friendship, family and teamwork, even in the most difficult of situations, is a theme reflected throughout the stories; as is the encouragement that if you have the belief in yourself, anything can be accomplished and that all will be ok in the end.
So, come and follow me to Mallowbrook Hollow...